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WordPress Development Agency vs Freelancer

You want a Wordpress website. Maybe you need an integration with WooCommerce, perhaps something else entirely. The point is, you have a beautiful design, and now you need someone to turn it into an actual working website. Here’s the tough choice.


You want a WordPress website. Maybe you need an integration with WooCommerce, perhaps something else entirely. The point is, you have a beautiful design, and now you need someone to turn it into an actual working website. Here’s the tough choice. Do you work with a freelancer or an agency? One developer or a whole team?

As a development agency, we admit we’re a bit biased, and our choice may be apparent. But hold on. We want you to be educated and aware of all your options before you make your decision. So, instead of listing all the reasons why you should choose us, we’re here to provide you with an exhaustive explanation of why you should choose us. Oops. We mean, of course, of what your options are.



Ah, money. An essential factor to take into consideration. The truth is this: freelancers cost you less, and development agencies will cost you more.

Or so it may seem.

In reality, the cost of an agency (like CODETOWP.com) might not be much higher than that of a freelancer. Especially when you take into consideration what the price entails — guarantee and support, for example. And, in the long run, a freelancer may dent your budget more. You may have to hire a separate freelancer (or a bunch of them) for aspects of your project that the other freelancer has no idea about. Imagine this: it turns out you need an API integration, but your developer doesn’t know PHP. Aaand that’s it. Time to look for a new freelancer.

And what does that mean?

That’s right. Costs.

And think of all those delays, revisions and a possible vanishing act or two. What are these?

Exactly. More costs. And more time wasted.

For us at CODETOWP. com, it’s not a problem. There’s always someone in our team specialising in PHP, JAVA, REST or other technologies. They’ll take care of that API integration in 15 minutes. Because we respect your time.


Usually, when you commission a project, you want to have it done and delivered as quickly as possible (or as The Office’s Michael Scott used to say, as ASAP as possible). But because we’re all adults here, we pick together a reasonable date when the product is to be delivered.

Let’s take a WordPress development agency like us. We get a deadline, we deliver. We have been late once or twice, but we still finished 95% of our projects on time! Plus, we’re great fans of communication, and we inform our clients in advance we won’t make it on time. No agency is perfect — we are all human, after all. Still, this doesn’t happen often. One of the reasons is that we are a team, and teams usually do things faster than an individual.

Like a freelancer who can be unavailable or struggling with too many projects and too little time. While many freelancers are reliable and trustworthy, some disappear in mysterious circumstances. Sometimes, there’s an emergency or other reasons that make them quit. Now, you have no freelancer, no time (there goes your launch date!), and no replacement. What would happen if you chose an agency instead?

Knowledge of many

We are a team of over 25 WordPress developers, UX designers and other specialists. There are also project managers and testers. We make a structured team of professionals where tasks are clearly defined and divided among us. A freelancer has to take care of it all alone, and you may need to hire another one to make it work. There’s also the issue of possible emergencies. If your freelancer quits, that’s it. You’re coming back to scrolling through gig boards and starting over. When a developer in CODETOWP.com is forced to stop working on your project, they’re replaced by another one right away. The show goes on. In other words, we guarantee the continuity of work, as well as its consistency — our developers use a standardised process when working.

Perk of hiring an agency is the diversity of knowledge and skills

Another perk of hiring an agency is the diversity of knowledge and skills. While a freelance developer may be an expert in one or two technologies (like PHP, Java or React), they won’t be able to compete with our combined expertise along with qualifications and experience to back it up. They won’t have access to such diverse tools, like us — we use Adobe XD and Photoshop, Figma, and Advanced Custom Fields daily! Together, we’ve spent over 70,000 hours to complete more than 230 WordPress projects. Plus, our developers have five years of experience on average, so, altogether, we have over 250 years of experience. That’s practically sage level.

Custom-made vs off-the-rack

What are your needs? Freelance developers are suitable for short-term and small projects, but what if your project needs an individual approach and custom solutions? Do you need a custom-made suit or is off-the-rack one enough? The latter is made of lower quality materials and is mass-produced. It will always be a bit too tight here and too long there. It will never be quite perfect, simply because it’s you trying to fit into it and not the other way. Sometimes, a suit like that is precisely what you need. Maybe you have a small budget or are ready to sacrifice quality.

A custom-made suit, now, that’s an entirely different game. It’s made for you and you only, with high-quality materials. It fits you like a second skin.

It’s the same with WordPress development. We are your tailor, and we offer you custom development. Dedicated websites with custom plugins and themes. WooCommerce. Applications. Systems. What do you need? We’ll do it.

A freelancer might offer you a solution based on editors and ready plugins — an-off-the rack suit with a few adjustments here and there. While we don’t condemn such a solution, we don’t suggest this. Not only because of obvious reasons (choose us, choose us) but also due to your safety.


We don’t mean your physical safety but of the data and your system or application. Imagine all the sensitive data of your clients being leaked.

You know what. Actually, we do mean your physical safety as well. You never know what might happen after something like that. Okay, but why would the data get exposed in the first place?

Ready plugins or themes (especially the free ones) can be used to spy on you or hack your site. Unless you’re a developer yourself, you won’t notice that something’s wrong with the code.

With custom development and a good agency (like us), there’s nothing to fear. We guarantee security with reliable code. We develop the plugins and all that jazz ourselves, so we make sure that you’re all covered and can sleep at night. No hackers, no (rightfully) angry people with lawsuits.

One of our values is respecting our clients’ privacy. We don’t make light of the Non-Disclosure Agreements that we sign. We also offer a white-label agreement if that works better for you. Let’s talk it through.


We’re fans of communication. We believe in meeting our clients on even ground, as partners. CODETOWP.com, like many agencies, offers you consulting services. We talk, clarify, advise, and then talk some more. All that so we know exactly what your project should look like and what solutions you need. We communicate with you regularly to keep you up to date and make sure that we’re doing it right. After the project is finished, we still keep in touch to offer technical support or advice. It’s a long-term partnership.

On the other hand, you’d probably need to supervise a freelancer so that your needs and deadlines are met. That means spending your precious time on chasing them after they went AWOL, for example. And what if something goes wonky after you get your finished project? If you’re lucky, your freelancer might squeeze you in between projects. Or, you might have to hire another freelancer to fix the wonkiness.

Aim high

Think of how your company, digital agency, or marketing agency can look in a year. Think of your goals. Aim high. Your business is going to grow, and your website or app will have to expand with it. When working with freelancers, you’ll need to hire one every time a need arises — a new feature, a tweak in the system, or a fix to an error. And every time, that freelancer will also deal with someone else’s work.

Now, when you hire an agency that guarantees a long-term partnership and offers you support (yes, we mean us), you don’t need to search for a developer and explain everything over and over again. You don’t need to know about WordPress or WooCommerce (or development in general) to keep up with the freelancer. An agency like CODETOWP.com’s got you covered. We know you and your project, also – we’ve been listed in Top App Development Companies. You just say what you want, and we get to work.

Still not sure which option — a freelance developer or a development agency — might be a better choice? Well then, get in touch with us and let’s discuss your needs.

Piotr Tabor
Piotr Tabor

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