WordPress as a platform for your project’s MVP

WordPress – the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a blog, well maybe even an online store. So how can WordPress be used to create an MVP for your project? Well – it can and it can work great! First of all – WordPress stopped being a blog system a long time […]


WordPress – the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a blog, well maybe even an online store. So how can WordPress be used to create an MVP for your project? Well – it can and it can work great!

First of all – WordPress stopped being a blog system a long time ago. Today WordPress’ blog features are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the various elements and functionalities one can use. The huge number of developers, constantly working on new features and plug-ins, makes it more complete and filled with various functionalities as ever before.

Online store? Not a problem. The WooCommerce plug-in is always improving – and most importantly, it’s completely free. Reservation or Booking system? Yes, this can be done with WordPress too. The amount of available plug-ins and solutions is astounding. How about a social media platform? I guarantee that you will find an available theme and set of plug-ins that will change your WordPress site to a second Facebook, if you’re looking to become a competitor to the Menlo Park giant. The possibilities are endless, the ones I mentioned are just several fish in a much larger sea.

If you’re currently starting to think about creating a platform for your newly created start-up, you have to choices:

Option 1: You reach out to a software house and start working on the project from scratch.

  • You create functional wireframes, overview of all processes and graphic designs for each screen within the application, also including the admin panel.
  • You first have to focus on all the basic functionalities of the system: after all each app needs to have users, they have to have the ability to register, login and manage their account, etc. Make sure you don’t forget about the admin panel.
  • Only after you have all of these, less interesting elements, can you focus on the key functionalities that are the basis of your business model, or in the start-up slang – the business core.

This requires lots of work – not necessarily on the elements that you really care about when testing your idea.

Option number 2: You reach out to us and use WordPress as a base for your new startup.

We call this approach the WordPress Framework. Thanks to this, for a huge portion of all the functionalities every application needs, we can simply use out of the box available elements. These functionalities have been already created by someone – from idea, graphic design to development development. So why would you want to double that work? We use these out-of-the-box functionalities in many of our projects. These include:

  • User Management, registration, logging in/out, user roles and permissions – WordPress has these functionality sets at its core, giving you the ability to easily manage users in your platform. Not only in the admin panel but also in the user panel itself. Lots of these elements are completely free (well, maybe not completely, as we still need to implement them and make modifications that match your requirements and vision).
  • Content Management – something that WordPress was initially designed and created for. Essentially every startup needs to have the ability to quickly and easily manage the content that their clients see or read in sent over messages. WordPress gives us all of this to us practically for free and there’s no need for you to create a custom CMS (Content Management System) for your system. Only modification is required.
  • Payments – let’s not beat around the bush, payments are most likely the center of your business or any business for that matter. WordPress is filled with different payment options. From complete online stores, through paid access to the system or selected subpages, all the way to paid access to digital content. Sounds like a business? It should! What’s more, WordPress, will allow us to integrate with selected payment providers, for just a couple of bucks. You probably already know what I will write – instead of building the integration from scratch, we will simply use a ready-made plugin.

That being said, you’re probably wondering: Can any application be built on WordPress? If you use WordPress as a base, and code everything else required, things that you will not find in ready-made and tested plugins – it is definitely possible. What’s more – it’s extremely likely that this approach will save a lot of man-hours compared to creating an application from scratch.

But we believe that our works speaks for itself, take a look at some examples of startups we’ve helped in creating dedicated solutions using the “WordPress Framework” as we like to call it:

Salary Comparison Platform

SalaryIndex Salary Comparison Platform

The key functionality in this project was a salary comparison platform – users were to be able to enter data about their salary, and then receive feedback – what their salary looks like compared to others. So what did we do? We added a module to WordPress, which allowed the platform administrator to manage surveys, enter new data fields, and manage report generation. Yup, it’s all in WordPress. At the same time, we saved our client a lot of time and money, because we used “out of the box” functionalities like for example the administration panel.

Dedicated Advertisement Platform

Home-land.pl - Dedicated Advertisement Platform

Our client needed a tool in which he would be able to present offers to his clients – on the condition that the platform matched the offers to the criteria selected by the user, and to limit access to the tool only to selected customers. At this point in the article, you can already guess what we did. That’s right – we used a lot of ready-made WordPress elements, such as: user registration, user management, logging in/out, authorization and the password management process. By defining the appropriate roles, we have given users permission to view only selected ads. Not to mention we also create the entire advertisement posting engine. Due to the fact that it is based on Advanced Custom Fields, the client can freely modify content, photos and selected elements in the parameters of the advertisement, and manage everything in a very convenient way – directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Booking/Reservation Management System

Booking/Reservation Management System for Hasta La Vista

The Hasta La Vista website is a large, extensive web platform – as it should be since it’s the largest Squash center in Poland. The heart of this website is the booking system. Unfortunately – no ready-made tool was able to ensure the possibility of managing bookings for over 100 courts at the same time. That is why we have created a dedicated booking system, based on the WordPress framework, tailored to the needs of our client.

Do we think WordPress is a good option for any start-up? Absolutely not.

We believe that you can consider whether your idea can use many of the ready-made elements that WordPress offers. We have succeeded in many cases. Maybe you can do it too?

We have not answered the most important question yet: why consider this approach at all?

Well, to be completely honest, for all the savings. And they’re huge. The kind that every start-up needs. Instead of spending 50-100 thousand USD on the first version of your application, written nicely, in accordance with the latest trends in Java and React, is it not better to spend 10-20 thousand on an app based on the WordPress framework that meets the same requirements? The decision is yours. Every business changes several times in the course of its operation. Changes to WordPress will be much cheaper and faster.

Okay, so when is WordPress not a good option for your project’s MVP?

When you plan very high traffic in your system right from the start. Let me be completely honest, even though WordPress’ performance keeps getting better, it has its limits. Of course, we can make it into a headless CMS, but this is development on a much larger scale. If you’re planning to build a mobile application that your startup will be based on , unfortunately WordPress won’t have much to offer you here. There are no half measures here: practically every mobile application must be developed in languages dedicated to mobile devices.

So when customers come to us with an idea for an MVP, we don’t force them into WordPress. Besides, just between us – why should we try to limit a time-consuming project and our income. However, we always analyze whether in this specific case it is not worth recommending WordPress to test the idea before it starts earning money.

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